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Will Krooman Lagoon Residents be moved?

The Krooman Lagoon provides drainage for the City easing the flow of water into the sea to prevent flooding.  In 2007, it was discovered that nine acres at the western end was sold to businessman Jitendra Chawla, also known as Jack Charles. Efforts to save the catchment basin which had been known to be populated with about five hundred bird species at different times of the year continued as poverty had driven people to build homes in the reserve. City Mayor Bernard Wagner says that there is a plan to get a grant to rehabilitate the lagoon and possible relocate and build new homes for residents.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “It encompasses three components. First we wrote a project proposal to the 5Cs to seek a grant because before you can move people off the Krooman Lagoon you have to acquire land to place them and so that grant funding if approved will give us the ability to acquire the necessary land to relocate those persons that make their homes over the Krooman Lagoon and thereafter when we are able to relocate them then we will have the ability to then rehabilitate the Krooman Lagoon into it’s natural state which it would form a part of the tourism tour of Belize City where people could do bird watching and people could go take a tour in that area and thereafter the other component is the group out of London who has committed to us to funding the construction of the homes. So it requires the grant approval, it requires that we acquire the land and it also requires that the group out of London provide the necessary funding to fund those homes. Some of the preliminary conversation that we had, very informal we had asked some of the residents if they would be willing to move or make their home elsewhere was if they have a better place to go they would be willing to move. Of course that is preliminary, we would have to do some consultations with them and we would have to continue that conversation to see if everyone in that area would be willing to move.”

We will continue to follow the developments as they unfold

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