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Government & Politics

Will the US Government cut funding to Belize?

Will the US Government cut funding to Belize? After the majority of United Nation members voted in favor of a resolution which calls for the USA to reverse its decision on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the US Government warned that spending will be cut. Belize was one of the 128 countries that voted in favor of the United Nations resolutions against the powerful United States of America. After the vote, The US government announced significant cuts in its United Nations budget obligations for 2018-2019 in what will be interpreted as a further ratcheting up of pressure from the Trump administration looking to bend decision-making at the international body to its will. So how will this affect Belize? The US Government through its embassy in Belize has made millions of dollars in donation over the years and Trump’s threat seeks to end that. So today we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow if he expects that the US will spend less in Belize.



“I hope that the retribution, the consequence had already been signaled a lessening of the US’s contributions to the UN, to the institution. I think in terms of their contributions to Belize they are, in the main, in relation to security, a matter in which they have almost as much as a vested interest as we do. So I am hoping that that sort of thing won’t suffer. Again, I should add that we tried to make plain that for us it wasn’t a matter of trying to tweak the tail of the elephant or anything of the sort, we weren’t trying to play ‘bad man’. It really was a vote rooted in the history of the resolutions at the UN and in what we feel was the correct position to adopt. We completely respect the US’s determination to go otherwise and we had thought that it wouldn’t be too much to ask that they respect ours but there it is.”


Yesterday the National Evangelical Association of Belize issued a release expressing its disappointment on GOB’s position in supporting the UN Resolution.

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