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Witness sees Hispanic killer & Black Man denied bail for Murder

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They say justice is blind, but apparently, justice is quite myopic and color blind. A black man was charged with murder while the witness to the crime says the killer was a Hispanic man with a tattoo on his arm. On the 21st of May, Kyne Gentle was shot and killed at 12:30 a.m. when he walked down the steps of the Blue Angel Nightclub in San Ignacio Town.  The person accused of the crime is a black man with an afro, 23 year Hugh Middleton, a resident of Roaring Creek Village.  Middleton’s attorney, Leeroy Banner had applied for bail because four of the five prosecution witnesses did not see the face of the shooter because the killer wore a cap. The fifth witness, Miguel Monroe who saw the face of the shooter and that he was a Hispanic descent man. Monroe said the shooter had a tattoo on his right and emerged from behind a car to shoot gentle from about 25 feet away. Monroe did not say the shooter wore a cap as the other witnesses claimed.

Crown Counsel Portia Ferguson objected to bail on the grounds that murder is a serious offense and the judge only needed to find that a prima facie case has been established to deny bail. Ferguson also pointed out that a police corporal gave a statement that he viewed a video footage that showed the shooter exiting an SUV with a shotgun.

Justice Lucas told Hugh Middleton that his attorney brought up some good points but they are for the trial and that his job was only to determine if there was enough evidence for him to have been arrested and charged.  Therefore bail was denied.

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