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Women’s Empowerment Training

A Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Session was held this morning at the Belize City Council in commemoration of Global Entrepreneurship Week. The participants were able to hear inspiring speeches about how to make it in business. Love News stopped by and spoke with Councillor Javier Castellanos, with responsibility for Economic Development, Small Business, Trade and Investment who said that today’s event is the first of many more similar events.

Councillor Javier Castellanos:Women are the background of this society, they influence our daughters and our sons. If they are empowered to do that we would have a better society and by doing that, giving them the power to be able to access the things that they need to even start a business. Today we will share about to access a fund, how to access if you want to start a business, how you could access funds, if you need to start a business how can I go starting my business? and other items like for example empowering them and also inspiring them how to do it.”

Love News also spoke with Helen Frampton of the Institute of Sustainable, Livelihood, Leadership, and Exchange who said that the forty women are from different circles of life.

Helen Frampton- Institute of Sustainable, Livelihood, Leadership, and Exchange: Empowering is the word there. These women are from different cycles of life.  Mr. Castellanos invited 40 young female entrepreneurs that are familiar with the council. These women diverse from food to little snack shops, all sorts of business so what we did we partnered with successful entrepreneurs, women that have gone through every point of struggles on how it took them to get where they are today. Basically these women are now here presenting to them, empowering them to continue to fight, the struggles are all worth so basically that is what we are doing here today.”

One of the Speakers, Crystal Samos, an entrepreneur, shared how she went on to be successful after failing twice.

Crystal Samos – Entrepreneur: You are entitled to fail and again because of that failure which I am extremely grateful for is because now I am here. If I hadn’t failed twice doing my small business I wouldn’t be here so take failure as an advantage, as a stepping stone, whenever you fail just; what I did literally I sat down and I wrote down what had happened, why was it that I failed. I wrote it down and I read it and I read it over and over and it took me a while to really take it in and then I said okay how can I move forward? What can I do to avoid this and it was written already on paper and why did the consequence of that were on paper and that really helped me look back and say okay this is what caused this, I am not going there again.”

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is being observed from November 12 to November 18.

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