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More years in Prison for Bert Vasquez

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Thirty-five year old Bert Vasquez was initially found not guilty of forcible abduction but guilty of attempted rape on the 7th of November. A jury of 5 women and 4 men found him not guilty of forcible abduction by a majority verdict but guilty of attempted rape by a unanimous decision.   However, he was sentenced to 4 years on Tuesday by Justice Colin Williams. Justice Williams stipulated that the sentence should run consecutively to any other sentence Vasquez is serving. The conviction of attempted rape is for an incident that occurred on January 25th, 2011, in which Vasquez offered a woman a ride to her home on Calle Del Mar Street, but took her instead to Belama Phase 4 where he attempted to rape her. Besides the sentence of 4 years, Vasquez is serving a sentence of 10 years he got last year for forcible abduction and aggravated assault of an indecent nature. Vasquez was not represented by any attorney. Crown Counsel Riis Cattouse represented the Crown.

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