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​UNICEF Belize Donates ​100 cold boxes to the MOHW

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health & Wellness received a donation of 100 cold boxes from UNICEF Belize. The model ACB boxes were presented as a part of UNICEF’s work to strengthen the national cold chain system for the provision of routine immunizations and COVID-19 vaccinations to children and families in remote and vulnerable communities. Here are what the Ministry’s CEO, Doctor Deysi Mendez and UNICEF specialist, Paulette Wade had to say about the significance of this donation.

Dr.Deysi Mendez, CEO, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “As we face the COVID-19 pandemic UNICEF has continuously and I’m sure as we are sure today will continue to support Belize and the Ministry of Health and Wellness in its response. They have been instrumental in risk communication and education, most recently donation of hand washing stations. The support we receive through them for the wash implementation in schools and communities, nutrition and hygiene kits and today as you all see we gather yet for another gesture of good will. Another action that portrays the commitment of UNICEF to its fight against this overwhelming virus.” 

Paulette Wade, UNICEF Specialist: “UNICEF continues to support the evolving and continued expansion of the Ministry of Health in providing and maintaining the highest standard of health for citizens of Belize while at the same time now managing the COVID-19 response and recovery. This year has been one for the history books not only because of COVID-19 crisis but also because the organization that I represent here today is celebrating its 75th year of working on behalf of the children of the world Belize included. For the last six program cycles of Belize UNICEF has worked with the Ministry of Health in terms of ensuring that children have adequate healthcare and that this is a top advocacy priority for us. Today this donation continues to strengthen that partnership.”

The cold boxes have a capacity of 18 liters and a cold life of 126 hours and 32 minutes or just over five days.