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10th Year of Financial Literacy in Belize

The term, financial literacy, is not strange to Belize and has actually become a part of the primary and secondary schools’ curriculum.  Each year, the Ministry of Education teams up with Peacework and Price Waterhouse Coopers to go into the classrooms of selected schools to teach them the importance of savings, budgets and planning.  These sessions have traditionally taken place during the Education Showcase in May each year.  Another round of the sessions took place yesterday; only this time, they were given at Gateway and Skillz establishments.  According to the Chief Education Officer, Dr Carol Babb, they have been doing this for the last ten years and the benefits have become evident.


Jeff Senne of PWC told Love News that the sessions are given to different age groups including adults from ages eighteen to thirty two years old. He also spoke of the common myths found among children when they express their entrepreneurship plans.


Senne says the response and the reception from the children have been welcoming and worthwhile.


In 2012, PwC US launched Earn Your Future (EYF), a five-year, $160 million commitment focused on helping students develop critical financial skills and providing educators with the resources and training to teach those skills in schools.