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1,147 students graduate from UB

A total of one thousand one hundred and forty-seven students graduated from the University of Belize. Graduation exercises were held in Punta Gorda and in Belize City. In Belize City, the ceremony was held at the Civic Center where Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, was the guest speaker. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Punta Gorda, Ashton McKenzie was the guest speaker for the University of Belize Punta Gorda’s exercise. Love News asked the President of the University of Belize, Professor Clement Sankat how likely it is that these graduates will find jobs.

Professor Clement Sankat – President of the University of Belize: Now that is a very good question, you know that there are many in there who already have jobs. The biggest graduates are from the Faculty of Education and Arts and all the teachers are already working and so are many of the nurses. In the sciences I don’t think any of the students are going to have any difficulties because many are doing like Med Lab and pharmacy and of course nursing etc. and social work. I don’t see those students have challenges, many of them are in the Natural Resources Management Field related to issues of Sustainability and Tourism, areas of strength in in Belize, Tourism management. I don’t see to many difficulties, I think where you may have some challenges is the graduates in more traditional artsy areas, they may have to work a little bit harder but let me say another big group of students are coming from the business school. Intentions of Universities is not only train students to get a job but train students to create a job, young entrepreneurs.

Sankat said hopefully some of the students will embark on starting their own businesses. Further, there needs to be a system to support those graduates in order that they can have access to finance and to marketing support.