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Fire Consumes Chateau Giselle

The Fire Department continues their investigation into the cause of a fire that gutted the top, wooden floor of a two storey building located near the police station in Caye Caulker Village. Operations Manager at the Fire Department in Belize City Benisford Matura says firefighters in that Village began fighting the house fire at around four forty-five on Friday evening. Love News understands that the two-storey structure belonged to a foreigner and was named Chateau Giselle.  Matura says he received a call from the Officer in Charge of Caye Caulker shortly after the department’s Belize City team began tackling the fire in Belize City.


“There was a fire in Caye Caulker a little ways across from the police station, everybody is aware of where the police station is. It’s a two story structure, wooden first floor and the ground floor is concrete. It was an apartment building. The wooden section of the building got gutted and a part of the cement structure was saved.”

The Department is still investigating the cause of the fire and an officer from the City will be dispatched to the island to do that investigation.