Senator Calls for Commission Inquiry into Gun License Issuance

Senator Calls for Commission Inquiry into Gun License Issuance

Lead Senator for the United Democratic Party, Michael Peyrefitte, is now calling for a commission inquiry into the issuing of gun licenses.  The call comes after several reports of under the table deals within the Police Department. Recent weeks have seen allegations by several persons, saying that they had paid gun dealers and police officers to get a firearm license.  Reports further suggest that there is a ring of people involved in the sale of gun licenses, primarily persons who work closely with the Commissioner of Police.  All this talk has led the Police Commissioner Chester Williams filing a lawsuit against the Leader of the Opposition, who stated that the commissioner was issuing gun licenses to suspected criminals. Following that claim, a woman named Marybeth Wade appeared in the media and claimed that she was able obtain a firearm license whilst having a criminal record through the assistance of a cop. Wade’s license, however, was revoked some months after.  According to the UDP Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte, says the commissioner should also be taking legal action against Wade if her claims are false.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “And I see that the Commissioner of Police has sent a love letter to the Leader of the Opposition I don’t know if his feelings are hurt but will he send one to Marybeth ? Will he sue her because she has said some serious stuff and if that’s not true then she should be sued too or if she’s telling the truth then it should be revealed who is a part of this because the story that you ran indicates clearly that if it’s not the Commissioner and there’s no evidence that there is there has to be at the very least someone very high up who is participating in this scheme. But I go further than that. You can’t stop at Chester. Where is Kareem Musa? Where is the police minister ? Where is his CEO ? Where is the Prime Minister ? The Commissioner didn’t appoint himself and as long as he continues to be Commissioner it is because John Briceno is satisfied with his performance. So John Briceno has no issue with what’s going on. Kareem Musa – Stevie Wonder could see doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to be police minister, he needs to go do something else that he can handle and blame is on Kareem as well because he’s constitutionally responsible for police and publicly answerable for police. He’s the one who is ultimately responsible. Minister Musa what’s going on in your ministry ? There is a massive, massive hustle when it comes to gun licensing that’s happening now noh mek we talk bout no UDP because under UDP there was no expose. There is one now so where is Kareem Musa. Nobody voted for Chester you know ? Nobody voted for Chester they voted for Kareem. They voted for Kareem and they voted for Johnny Briceno so we need to hear from those two what they are doing about this hustle that’s going on.”

Peyrefitte also weighed in on claims made by the commissioner that he (Peyrefitte) attempted to force him to issue a gun license to someone with a criminal record.  This was reportedly when Peyrefitte served as Minister of National Security.  Peyrefitte responded to the claim today, saying that while the man with the criminal record did not receive the license at that time, he was able to obtain one when the Briceno Administration took office. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “Under the law anybody rejected by the Commissioner can write to the minister to override the Commissioner. All the papers were sent to me and then I sent it over to a Crown Council for the Crown Council to analyze it. The Crown Council said Minister this doesn’t seem at all in any way dissimilar to many people who have gotten licenses from the Commissioner. So what is what is the purpose for rejecting this person. If you reject this person then this person can then sue the government. Based on that I wrote to the Commissioner and I said I direct you to grant this person the license if you have no evidence to indicate that they shouldn’t receive one. He refused to do it and I maintain that he refused to do it because he knows well we will get voted out directly anyway so he doesn’t have to follow any directive from me. Subsequent to the PUP forming government that very same person received a gun license and I will send you that license sir. So how come then he could not give the person under UDP but under PUP the person received the license.” 

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