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Local Government Commits to Settling Water Board Issue in Maya Centre

The issues of the Maya Centre Water Board, its chairmanship and the allegations of mismanagement of funds had gotten the attention of the Ministry of Local Government and with that came several meetings involving the Minister of Local Government, Godwin Hulse.  One of the meetings was held as recent as yesterday.  We spoke to Hulse to find out the current status of those issues and the way forward.


“As you know there is an issue surrounding the chairperson of the water board and there are allegations that in fact he is not a resident in the village any longer and that he has been managing this out of concert with the rest of the water board. We have had discussions with both parties, not him but both the village council and the members of the existing water board through our director of rural development and we are in a process where tomorrow or by latest Saturday there will be a meeting as I understand it convened to finalize, and if we have to appoint new people,  we will do so but the bottom line is that the people there can have the confidence that the management of the water board will be restored properly, that the funds will be properly accounted for and that they should continue to pay their water bills and continue to enjoy the services provided that is basically where we are with that one.

Renee Trujillo:  Following your intervention were you able, or was your ministry able to ascertain whether indeed there were missing funds or mismanagement of funds?”


“Not yet as you know similar to other cases we have, we have to carry out an investigation which we are doing and then as the law prescribes the auditor general we ask them to go in an audit. Our Ministry is undertaking this investigation as we speak so I can’t really speak to that as yet.”

Maya Centre is a small Maya Mopan village located in the Stann Creek District.