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14.5 Pounds of Weed Found in Vernon Street Home

Police have confiscated over fourteen pounds of weed, a majority of it in a bust conducted on Wednesday morning in Belize City. Police report that the drug was found at a residence on Vernon Street by a joint Special Branch and strike team. Authorities say the team announced itself and requested entry which the occupants refused to grant. Officers then forced themselves into the residence and in one of the rooms they found two men packaging a large quantity of cannabis. The duo had prepared 42 tightly wrapped parcels that contained marijuana which had a total weight of fourteen and a half pounds. Consequently, 32 year-old Noel Richard Leal and 21 year old Richard Eric Belisle who reside at the house, were arrested and charged for drug trafficking. They appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser and pled not guilty to the charge. They each offered a bail of four thousand dollars and their case was adjourned until August 17.