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14-year-old Christopher Chi is missing

A Jasmine Alert has been issued for a missing teenager of Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District.  14-year-old, Christopher Chi, was last seen on Friday, September 6 on a motorcycle with a friend, at around 5:30pm.  According to Patrick Menzies of Jasmine Alert, it is believed that the child may be in imminent danger.
Patrick Menzies, Founder, Jasmine Alert

Patrick Menzies, Founder, Jasmine Alert: “He got on a motorcycle with a friend and they went off towards Orange walk. The dad gave him permission to go with his friend however he never came back home, dad waited up for him and he never came back. The situation is that this young man is a little bit of a trouble maker to a certain extent however he has never done that before, be gone all night. You know he would go out and they have issues with him and he doesn’t go to school, he’s 14 years old, but he has not come home and it’s very worrisome. The way the alert system works is that you receive a text and you call the number in the text only if you have information to help us to find the child. There’s a misunderstanding that when we sent it out this time, and we have to reword it next time, but we want anybody that has information to be able to let us know. I really want to have Belizeans on a whole, we need to change our psyche, whenever there is a young person that goes missing if they are a trouble maker we say he ran away, if it’s a girl we say she went with her boyfriend; it is completely ridiculous to automatically blame every child to be in the same category as another one, you cannot paint everyone the same way.”

MISSING Christopher Chi
Chi was last seen in a brown cargo pants, a grey shirt and puma slippers.  His photograph can be seen on our Facebook page.  Love News understands that one suspect is detained by police in this missing person’s case.  Anyone who can provide information that will assist in locating Chi, can call 610-LIVE or 610-LIFE or 911