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14-Year-Old Rape Victim in Cancun May Be Belizean

Belizean authorities are in the process of verifying the identity and nationality of a teenaged girl who was allegedly beaten and raped in Cancun, Mexico.  Information to Love News is that on Sunday July 19, the 14 year old female was found naked in a bushy area in Cancun, Mexico.  The teenager showed signs that she had been raped and when questioned by the Mexican police authorities she told them she is Belizean.  The young girl was found by a stranger who was jogging through the bushy area and noticed a nude female lying motionless on the ground.  The man subsequently informed the police.  Mexican press reports that the young girl was believed to be under the influence of alcohol and several liquor bottles were found in the immediate area of where she was found.  The girl was placed under the Quintana Roo’s state human service department where she told social workers that on Saturday night she had been drinking with a stranger but doesn’t remember what happened to her.  On the same night of the alleged incident, Cancun City police report that nearby residents claimed they heard screams of a young female but no one went to investigate.  Love News got in contact with Belize’s diplomatic representation in the state of Quintana Roo, who told us they are in the process of verifying the nationality of the young female before they can comment on the details of the case.  Love News also understands that the teenager, who is 14 years old, has family living in Mexico but was living in Cancun in a common-law relationship with a Mexican man.