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NDAAC and Cancer Society Team Up on No Tobacco Day

Dozens if not hundreds of agencies around the world have subscribed to the No Tobacco Day brought about by the World Health Organization.  World No Tobacco Day is observed annually on May 31 with the hope that smokers will get an eye opener as to the dangers they place themselves in and also in the hope that potential smokers would opt to not develop the habit.  A health fair was held today by the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDAAC) in collaboration with the Belize Cancer Society.  Love News met up with Nayely Moreno Rancharan of NDAAC Corozal who spoke of today’s objective and the effects of smoking.


“Today is International World No Tobacco Day Celebrated by the World Health Organization. It is celebrated throughout the world, 180 countries celebrate it. Since tobacco is not really seen as a threat so the Cancer Society has been advocating for people to be aware that cigarettes are a big problem when it comes to Cancer. Cancer is one of the major causes, the cause that most people would know is Throat Cancer and Lung Cancer but there as you see in our smoker’s body, it also shows you that in the longer run it doesn’t only affect only your lungs but it can affect all the different organs in your body; the heart, your lungs. When it comes to the females, your ovaries are affected, cycsts, irregular menstruation. When it comes to the males it is prostate cancer, low sperm count so eventually everything is affected in the body by the smoking and not only the lungs and the throat like most people would think.”

Also on hand was Atlantic Insurance.  They have been collaborating with the Belize Cancer Society and in the process have developed a Cancer Insurance Plan.  Mike Mena explained the basics of that plan.


“We offer a plan that is very affordable to our customers and anyone that is willing to use it. It’s from 18 to 60 years old and it is from 10 to 50 thousand dollars that insurance can be purchased for. IT’s on first diagnose and you have a 90 days waiting period on it so please come out. WE have a website. We have about twenty five locations throughout the country of Belize  that can offer this plan and any other plan that we have but we are mostly in conjunction with the Cancer Society group because there is a package that we are offering to anyone that comes out today.”


“What are the premiums looking like for the Cancer plan?”


“The premiums vary based on your age and the time that you sign on to it. The cheapest premium, the earliest stage is eight dollars a month and as it goes by it depends on your age and the time. You pay up to twenty years and after that you don’t pay anymore and its good until the sickness hits you. So it’s a plan where you pay every month, every year or quarterly whatever period you can afford but its up to twenty years max and after that it’s registered. After a couple years if you get diagnosed the money is there for you.”

The theme for World No Tobacco Day is, ‘Tobacco – A threat to development’.