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150+ Promotions Within Police Department

The Belize Police Department has released its list of officers who have been promoted around the country.  Police constables who have been elevated to corporals are one hundred and forty six with fifty six being from the Eastern Division.  In the district formations, thirty one constables from the west are being promoted; eleven from the north and seven from the south.  The total amount of constables being promoted from the specialized areas is thirty eight; those areas include Special Branch, Anti-Narcotics Unit, Professional Standards Branch, Gang Suppression Unit, Special Patrol Unit, Mobile Interdiction Team and the Joint Intelligence Coordinating Centre.  There were also promotions done from the corporal to sergeant levels; those total sixty five and as like the constables, they come from various parts of the country.  In the west, eight are being promoted; three from the south; six from the north and nineteen from the Eastern Division.  In addition to the specialized areas mentioned earlier, there are also promotions being given to officers in the Tourism Patrol Unit, Prosecution Branch and the Financial Intelligence Unit.  All these promotions are retroactive to April 1, 2016 and fall under the Departmental Orders number nine for 2016.  They were approved by the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie upon recommendation of the Police Selection Board.