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Where Is the Baby’s Mama? Police Seek Answers

Investigators at Precinct Three have identified a woman who is suspected to be the mother of the baby boy whose body was found at the canal’s edge just off South Street in Belize City on Thursday, July 20, 2017.  While they are awaiting the results of several tests to ascertain the mother’s identity, they are in the process of taking statements from several persons of interest.  There wasn’t much that Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino was willing to divulge in this investigation but he did give the media an update into the case.


The details of what transpired is, I don’t want to go into details at this point. What I can say is that we have spoken to persons of interest and there is one person in custody at this point. Nobody has been charged the investigation continues. An investigation like this is quite tedious and it may not produce an arrest today or tomorrow but we will gather whatever evidence and look at it and seek advice and see if any charges will be levied if any. I cannot say at this point why he was discarded in that manner. I think the manner in which he was found speaks for itself but in regards to the investigation at this point I don’t have anything to give you in detail and I don’t want to venture into any details. We have a 42 year old person detained; it is not the suspected mother. We have persons of interest, we have spoken to persons of interest and we have interviewed them and subsequently released them but like I said the investigation is ongoing.”


Has the mother of the child been identified? Outside of your persons of interest and statements being gathered has the person who gave birth to this child been identified?”


Uhm, we have identified someone who may be the mother in question. Like I said there are tests that need to be done for any confirmation on that and so like I said the investigation is ongoing.”


So what you’re saying is that DNA samples have been taken from that person of interest?”


All the relevant tests and collection of evidence has been done and that has been submitted for testing etc.”

Inspector Ferrufino says that while it has been revealed that the baby died after birth, it is still unconfirmed whether it was due to natural causes or if his death is the result of being harmed.  The woman currently detained is suspected to have played a role in the concealment of the birth of the baby but no one has been charged in this incident so far.  The baby’s body was found by a sanitation worker last Thursday morning.  Results of the post mortem examination show that the baby died of acute respiratory syndrome.