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Athletes Return From Commonwealth Games 2017


A Belize delegation returned from the Bahamas today after local athletes competed in several disciplines.  The media met up with them at the airport earlier today and spoke with the head delegate, Orson Butler.


“The team was five athletes and two officials. Tricia Flores, she is responsible for the Track athletes, I am also responsible for cycling and then we have Adrian Marshalleck, the tennis player that also went on the trip too to compete in the tennis. We had two athletes that competed in track and field; one was for two hundred and one was for one hundred, by the name of Jashir Stanley and Hilary Gladden. In cycling we had Nation Yseguirre and also Gian Lino. The performance in the track and field was also exceptionally better than how they perform in Belize however the competition out there with the other commonwealth countries is a little bit above our level. We just need to get the guys going and uplift their training so that they can actually compete against the commonwealth countries. However in the cycling, the competition was fierce. We managed to get fifteen and eighteenth with a four man breakaway just finished thirty five seconds ahead of the main peloton so the guys were just outsprinted at the end but they compete well.”

Both Gian Lino of Orange Walk Town and Nashan Ysaguirre of Belize City participated in the cycling competition where they placed eighteenth and fifteenth, respectively, out of thirty seven.


“To us it was pretty good. The experience was nice. It takes a lot of training to reach those levels but we went and did our best and showed those guys that we are strong as well.”


“I did a really good race, I was up in the front moving around the attacks. I was representing the country well until the end in the final sprint where five men were already down the road. I still wanted to come top ten for the country. I tried my best but end up with fifteenth.  Those guys they sprinted left me. I could sprint real well but the way how it came down to the finish, everyone was clustering together. I tried holding a position to the front but ended up way to the end of the pelaton and managed to come around and pass some of the guys.”

In the 100metre track and field competition, 17-year-old, Joshire Stanley represented Belize and spoke of his experience as he placed sixth.


“I placed sixth in the heap; I ran 11:51. The competition was very strong.  I could have done much better, that is not my personal best.”


“So what happened?”


“I don’t know.  It was too strong. I just have to work out some more and do my best. I will be leaving to go to Nicaragua in two hours so I just have to do my best there.”


“To compete?”


“Yes. The one and the two hundred and the furlong one.”


“Which event is that?”


“Central American Games”

Stanley headed to Nicaragua today to compete in the 100metre and 200metre track and field competition at the Central American Youth Games.