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16 Days of Activism ends with pledge-a-thon

There were several activities held in commemoration of the 16-days of activism and today being the final day Ret International held a pledge-a-thon at the Battlefield Park.  Love news spoke with Malenie Barnes, Country Director for Ret International, who said that the pledge-a-thon was to invite person to become responders to end gender-based violence and human trafficking in Belize.

Malenie Barnes – Country Director for Ret International: “The idea is that on this day December 10th it’s Human Rights Day and also its the last day of 60 days of activism and we wanted to demonstrate to the public that we have all intentions of keeping the conversation going about ending gender based violence. The pledge: we have six things that we are asking persons to do and it is to become and official advocate to end all forms of violence including gender based violence and trafficking in persons to do their part to strengthen the response to gender based violence and other forms of violence, to leave no one behind, to keep the conversation going and to build the conversation of gender based violence and all other forms of violence and highlight services available in and around the community and to carry out one action to prevent or reduce violence in all forms especially gender based violence.”

Barnes explained that today’s pledge-a-thon was a continuation of the Call to Action campaign which was started in March.  Recently, there were two women murder in separate incidents, Barnes said, that if more persons would commit to making a report when they see these acts of violence against women, then, these incidents can be avoided.