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16 year old Killed in RTA

Along the southern highway, in Santa Cruz, a sixteen year old minor Jose Marquez lost his life. The driver of the vehicle that hit him stopped to render aid, but he was assaulted by grieving people from the village. Assistant Commissioner of Police say, the driver had to flee the scene to the police station but they had to take him back while the scene was being processed.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of National Crimes: On Saturday sometime around 9 PM Santa Cruz police in the Stann Creek district were called to an area between miles 20 and 21 on the Southern Highway where they observed the lifeless body of a Hispanic male later identified Jose Marquez, 16 years and not too far away from his body was a bicycle with extensive damages. One William Burke reported to police that he was southbound when he knocked down Marquez from behind. As a result, he drove directly to the police station where he handed himself over and made the report. As a result of that, I believe he was assaulted and he had to move towards the station where he handed himself into the police and was brought back to the scene.

Reporter: So was there any intent to flee the scene of an accident?

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of National Crimes: I cannot say at this point in time as he had stopped at the scene and after the assault that is when he drove off towards the station and handed himself in. The station is not that far away from the scene.