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165 students sign up under Special Needs category for PSE

On Monday 7228 students sat for the English and Science portion of the Primary School Examinations (PSE). There were 3,652 males and 3,576 females who took part in the exam. What most people are not aware that there were 165 students who were accommodated as special needs students. The director of the Examinations Unit, Nelson Longsworth explained how the ministry tries to help students with diverse abilities.

Director of Examinations Unit Nelson Longsworth: “We have in addition special needs candidates and we take a lot of efforts. The Education Support Services identifies these candidates that will need some kind of accommodation in terms of making sure that they level the playing field so that they can complete the exam. They might be given extra time etc. We make accommodations for a total of 165 of them and the special needs vary from quite a large variation. The smallest accommodation we might give these candidates would be 15 minutes more per hour additional time as we call it and then it can be a severe case where they might need both a reader and a scribe to sit the exam so we accommodate and as I said the Special Ed Officers are the ones who run this part of the exam for them to ensure that they can participate. The numbers are large and they continue to be extremely large every year. There are actually over three hundred that applies for accommodation but after the assessment is done they are not deemed as special needs. They are more an issue of maybe having problems reading etc. so it is not necessarily to be classified as a special needs candidate so the exam is taken and is administered by high schools so the principals are usually what we call the center supervisors and the high school teachers are the ones who are the individulators for the exam.””

Friday, May third primary school students with take the PSE math and social studies examination.