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18 Months Later: Ramsey’s Medical Condition Deteriorates and Justice Undone

28-year-old, Herman Ramsey was shot to the left arm with the bullet piercing through the chest.  The bullet was surgically removed and he was released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  It has been eighteen months now since Ramsey was shot and since then his life and that of his family have not been the same.  Ramsey, who was a fisherman by profession, has spent many days in and out of the hospital with complications from that very bullet that entered his upper body.  He is currently on medication that costs two hundred and seventy seven dollars per dose and has been in the Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH since May 13, 2017.  His mother, Joan Ramsey spoke to Love News today on what life has been like since.


“My son is in the hospital and he is critical due to the fact that he got a gunshot last year to the ribs and apparently the bullet moved and damage the lungs and inside it was starting to rot inside and they had to do an operation and they had to cut his insides because he was rotting from the inside. Everybody is trying to help but I don’t know, it’s very hard because I have to be at the hospital morning and evening and when the doctor calls I have to be there so I am the one who makes stuff to sell but I can’t do anything because I’m always at the hospital so it’s hard for me right now.”

Ramsey’s mother is finding it challenging to cope with the entire ordeal particularly since she has cardiac issues.  Aside from the high cost of medication, there is the bill from the ICU which totals about five thousand dollars every five days.  Joan is asking for help to keep her son alive.


“The neighbor did a fund raising with a turkey dinner and they made something like a $1000 but they said they are going to turn it over but I didn’t get anything towards the hospital bill yet until they turn it over so I am seeking help for the bill so that I can help my son Herman Ramsey. The hospital bill the first one is $4,967.75 and the other one will be tomorrow and I will get another bill tomorrow.”

Regarding the shooting incident, police had noted to the media that they were looking for Trevor Guy.  There has been no further update on the shooting incident.  Ramsey has one son who is six years old.  If you can help the Ramseys during this challenging time, you can call 662-2378.