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18-year-old charged for murder escapes police custody

Police are once again on a man hunt for eighteen year old Jordan Burns. The teenager was detained last Thursday and charged by Friday with the murder of Carlton Moreira, who was killed in an alley between Lakeview and Mayflower Street on Wednesday afternoon. Burns remains at large and police are asking the public for their assistance. However, police warn that he is considered dangerous.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Reference the shooting death of Mr. Carlton Morerra. Police caught and charged Jordan Burns, however it was very unfortunate that while he was being escorted to the cell block, he escaped from Police custody and up to now he is at large. We are asking the public assistance that if in case you see Jordan Burns to inform or call 911 and he is considered to be a dangerous person. So if you see the man approach the man with caution or just call 911 and inform the Police.”

Reporter: Was he not in handcuffs what’s the situation with that?

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “He was not in handcuffs, he was about to enter the building which was the main Police Station when he just ran through the main gate of the Police Station and escaped. He was pursued however he was not captured, he ran and left the officer. That matter is being dealt internally by the Department, it’s a mistake that was done by the officer.”

It is believed that 34-year-old Carlton Moreira was targeted after he intervened in an attempted robbery. One of Moreira’s friend had won big money from the boledo and someone tried to rob him. Moreira is believed to have foiled that robbery and was later targeted and killed.