18-Year-Old Loses Life While Spearfishing in Mopan River

18-Year-Old Loses Life While Spearfishing in Mopan River

A young man from the Cayo District lost his life while spearfishing in the Mopan River last night. Around 9 o’clock, 18-year-old Delmar Tut left his home in Bullet Tree Village with two of his cousins to go fishing near Paslow Falls Road. Tut and the other men were in the water when he vanished from their sight. The men called for him but left after not receiving a response. His father then became worried after learning that Tut did not return from the river.  He returned to the area where Tut’s body was found. His cousin, Arison Cruz, spoke to Love News about the unfortunate ordeal and the last time he saw Tut alive. 

Arison Cruz, Cousin of Deceased: “The plan was to go fishing. What happened was that accidentally we lost my cousin because three of us were together and the thing is I borrowed the gun from him. It was a fishing gun. So when he lent me the gun I started diving. Last thing I know was he asking where was the stuff, like our stuff that we had on us and he asked Yadiel Pinero Is your phone with you ? Yadiel said yes. Therefore he asked “where are my uncles ?” because my uncle went up catching crabs. So there is where I roughly thought that if he didn’t answer he went up because he told us that he wants o go up. But since it was already late we were going to go. But he wanted to go but he wanted to go. So we told him alright just let me finish diving and I’ll go with you. We were shouting his name and he just never answered back. That is where we thought something was a little bit off because obviously he would have already answered. There is where we picked up his stuff, dropped it at his house and I came to mine. Well I did some cooking because I was hungry at the moment then my uncle came. I explained to him what was the issue that we never found Delmer. He told me that you should never leave somebody alone at the river, worse in that case. So we went back quickly to try to find him and last thing I remember saying was that I knew where the place was so I flashed them and then he said “Oh look I found him.” because we were trying to look for him and I didn’t really expect that he was right at the place that we were diving but he was there.”

While an autopsy will confirm Tut’s official cause of death, his family believes he drowned and says he had an underlying health condition that may have caused him to lose consciousness while in the water. 

Arison Cruz, Cousin of Deceased: “My uncle picked him up and tried to pump his heart so he could see if he could breathe but it didn’t and you know people get emotional at that point. So he was trying to pump him hard and nothing, he never responded. So accidentally he got drowned. So the thing that most likely I came to town that had a much percentage that happened could be a seizure because his brother suffers from seizures and his brother actually died by drowning as well. So well I think the conclusion of this is perhaps he got a seizure attack in the water because if he was drowning he was actually going to make some signal or some type of thing that we could understand or even a water splash simple we could have understood that. But since he didn’t do anything well I don’t guess it’s drowning I guess it’s more likely a seizure attack.”

Tut was a resident of Bullet Tree Village.

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