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18-year-old shot while walking with his family

Eighteen-year-old Tyrese Smith is recovering from gunshot wounds he sustained in La Democracia Village. The incident happened sometime after eight o’clock on Sunday night.

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head C.I.B.: Mr. Tyrese Smith an 18 year old Belizean of that same village was walking on an unknown street in Democracia along with family members when he was approached by two male persons riding on separate bicycles. An exchange of words ensued between the two of them; thereafter the two male persons just rode a distance apart from him, there after one of the male persons just turn and fire several shot at his direction, hitting him to his body causing injuries to him, he sustained a wound to his chest and to the right side of the jaw. So far we have no motive, I know that it’s only an argument that ensued between them at the time he was going home.

Smith is in a stable condition.  No one has been detained in connection with this incident.