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$18,000 Heist

Many businesses have been making direct salary deposits to employee bank accounts for years. However, there are businesses that still practice paying in cash because some employees don’t have an account with any institution. Usher’s Construction Limited has eighteen thousand reasons to give up that practice in this postmodern reality we live in daily. Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo briefed the media about the payroll robbery that had all the markings of a well-planned heist.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: On Friday just after 3pm Project Manager for Usher’s Construction Mr. Jaime Dominguez had just collected eighteen thousand dollars from the company and was going to an area in Belama to do payroll.  Whilst travelling on Apollo St. he stopped to pick up his mother and as he was driving off; a vehicle grey in color just blocked his way. Four persons came out of the vehicle and held them at gunpoint. The four of them were armed at gunpoint, they opened the doors of the vehicle and they stole the bag with eighteen thousand dollars and other personal items belonging to him and to his mother, then they made good their escape.