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19 year old dies trying to break out of prison

Shots rang out at the prison this morning, followed by a lockdown following an incident involving  19 year old Kevin Moore. Moore was admitted into the prison on a charge of aggravated assault. He was remanded at the Belize Central Prison. His next court appearance was scheduled for May 15 but it will not occur as this morning Moore attempted to flee the prison. It is unclear as why Moore decided to try to break out of the prison. But after the alarm was sounded, warning shots were fired by 4 guards in the towers.  CEO of the Kolbe Foundation, Virgilio Murllio says that after he scaled and got over the fence, Moore was shot and died shortly after being taken to the KHMH.

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “An alarm was sounded at about five minutes to nine that there was an escape in progress. We heard it over the radio and by the time that was announced it is because the tower guards began firing. We had four tower guards engaging in trying to deter the guy from continuing his escape. Some warning shots were fired obviously and I guess after he never stopped and then the guards decided to sort of immobilize him by shooting for his feet. The reports from the KHMH is saying that he sustained shot wounds to both feet and that is probably what led to his demise, he may have bled to death.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “In terms of the time of the incident happened to transportation to the KHMH? What is the actual time frame?”

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “As far as I am concerned the escape alarm was sounded at about five to nine like I said and under my recollection I believe that within fifteen, twenty minutes he was already at the Medic Center being attended to because we have a Medic Center here. The Doctor and the medical staff tried to stop the bleeding because we saw that he was bleeding from the wounds so we tried to stop the bleeding to save his life.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “What type of weapons are the guards using? And the type of bullets?”

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “Well, we have some what you would call a 223. Rifles and those were the kinds, it uses a 5.56 ammunition so that is the kind of weapons that they used to fire at the guy.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “So those wouldn’t cause some deep wounds?”

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “ Oh absolutely.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “And in terms of the process the prison went through? I am assuming there was a lockdown instituted at the same time?”

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “Oh Absolutely we have procedures for escapes and one of the procedures is certainly immediate lockdown. We found out later that he was a mental patient and that he escaped from what we call the Special Care Building where the mentally challenged or people with disabilities are kept but we found out all of that after the fact like I said. At the time we just saw somebody running, we hadn’t any clue who the person was, what was the level of risk or threat it would pose to the public and those kinds of things. The building that he is from has fifty prisoners, the time he chose to escape was during recreation. The guard was there but as usual due to the manpower constraints sometimes we can’t have enough eyes to look at fifty people recreating in a particular block or pad.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “In terms of his mental disabilities what were they in particular? And as you were mentioning prior to?”

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “The psychiatrist has diagnosed him as being schizophrenic and he has been on treatment for that and I was told by the Medic Department that as of this morning he also took his medication so what triggered him to have gone that route is still being investigated by the Medical Department.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Did he actually hop over the fence?”

Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “He actually scaled the fence and pushed aside the barbed wire but the tower guards by all indication saw him when he was doing that. That is when they started firing shots from the tower, that is when they sounded the alarm and that is when they started firing the warning shots but nothing stopped him, he still made a run for the big bushes, the high bushes.”

Moore was schizophrenic.  The police is investigating the incident. His family members were informed of his passing shortly after the incident. The last attempted prison escape where a person died from escape related injuries was in 2005.