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Audit Employees at odds with Auditor General.

Yesterday Love News broke the story of rising tensions within the Audit Department. As we reported, public service workers within the Audit department are not happy with the Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley.  Love News has been in constant contact with several of the employees and from the documents and recordings we have received, frustrations within the department have been brewing since 2016. It got to the point that employees began requesting the intervention of the Ministry of Public Service and Prime Minister Dean Barrow.  When they got no response, employees shared their story to Love News and today a sick out was staged. The employees are not happy with Bradley’s style of management. Yesterday Bradley told Love News that there were “some administrative matters presented to the Ministry of Public Service and Public Service Commission.”  Sixteen employees signed a letter and sent it to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Public Service, Dr. Peter Allen on May 13, 2016. In the letter, the workers document issues they are facing with Bradley. The employees requested a meeting with Bradley to discuss the issues. Love News has received a recording of the meeting. The recording is more than an hour long and tonight we present a short portion of it.


As we mentioned, the employees have asked for Prime Minister Dean Barrow to intervene and today Barrow told the media that it is about time that the issues are addressed head one.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow also dispelled any assertions that the employee’s cries are politically motivation.



The employees who are not happy with Bradley are demanding that she be removed from the position.