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$2.1M contract signed for consultancy services

A contract valued two point one million dollars was signed today between the Ministry of Works and British Consultancy firm, Mott MacDonald Limited which will be providing consultancy services for a feasibility study and detailed designs. The data compiled will be used for the upgrading of sixty-seven point five miles of the Philip Goldson Highway. The Ministry of works is planning to improve the area between miles twenty-five point five and ninety-two. The contract was signed by John Mills of the consultancy firm and Minister of Works, Rene Montero.

Rene Montero, Minister of Works: “This singing is very significant because it involves a very strategic infrastructure of the country which involves the Nert. The Nert is usually involved in the Sugar Cane production and also it joined us with our neighbors in the Nert Mexico so it’s very important. It will be for mile 24 ½ to miles 92 which will take us all the way to the border. With this signing of this project it will mean that the Philip Goldson Highway will be upgraded and this is part of the sustainable development of this country which involves social economic and environmental, very important is the economic activity that it will bring to the country and more important the creation of employment for our people. This contract is in duration for 10 months, the design and we know that you representative is a very reputable company and we expect a high standard of design and also we expect to get value for our money.”

John Mills, Mott MacDonald Limited: “We will be delivering to the highest quality standards because that is the Trademark of Mac Mc Donald and so we will be meeting if not exceeding the Ministries expectations in this regard. We will be working very closely with the CEO Mr. Emerald Gentle and the Chief Engineer Lenox Bradley and the project coordinator Ms. Camela Cardona. Throughout the project to ensure that a right first time delivery.”

The consultancy study is to be completed within the next 10 months.