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2 Ladyville Residents shot

On Sunday night in Ladyville, two persons were shot in the New Site area, only a few blocks away from the police station. 19 year old Patrick Canelo and 45 year old Emmerito Reyes were shot in front of Canelo’s yard.  Canelo and Reyes were transported for medical treatment. Love News spoke to a neighbor off camera who said that Canelo is not a troublemaker.

Bystander: We were talking and all of a sudden I heard gunshots because I can recognize it so I tell the people that was gunshot so they didn’t believe me. I left it like that and when I come back I just see Police and they put up the light bulb and you know how people stand they just come look and when I reach I see a lot of people. I see one person with a shot in his foot. Some people were crying as well. The person who get shot he wasn’t here; I think they took him to the hospital.

Jose Sanchez: “ But you know that young man that was shot? Have you seen him around?

Bystander: “Yes of course we play basketball, football sometimes, he was a really cool and nice person.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “ It happened just before 9 o’clock Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed two male persons: One Mr. Elite rip Reyes 45 year old Belizean had an apparent graze to the right side of his foot and they also had Mr. Patrick Canelo with several apparent gunshot wounds to the body. What Police has gathered so far is that both of them were walking in front of #37 Flamboyant St. which is located at the new site Ladyville area when a male person came out from a nearby area and just fired shot at them causing the above mentioned injuries. Mr. Canelo is still admitted at the Hospital in critical condition.