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2 men dead and 4 injured in Civic Center accident

Two men are dead and four more injured after they fell off a scaffold inside the Belize Civic Centre.  Roque Martinez Jimenez and Elrington Stuart lost their lives just after eleven o’clock this morning when six men stood atop a 50-foot scaffold attending to the air conditioning units inside the civic.  Love News was on the scene some minutes after the incident and spoke to two of the workmen.

Voice of site workman: “We were working upstairs on the scaffolding and I left the building and I reported that about five of the guys fell off the scaffold.” 
Reporter: But you were on the scaffold moments before this happened ?
Voice of site workman:Yes about five minutes before it happened.”
Reporter: And did you not observe and kind of instability with the scaffold that perhaps it was not set up properly or something to that effect?
Voice of site workman: “No ma’am.”
Reporter:  Were you inside when the scaffold fell?
Voice of site workman: “Yes ma’am.”
Reporter:  So you saw when it happened.
Voice of site workman: “Yes ma’am.”
Reporter: What was your first instinct, what was your first reaction when you saw it?
Voice of site workman: “I ran because I was close to it and I didn’t want to get hurt.”
Reporter:  Did you see anyone of them bleeding? What were the extent of their injuries?
Voice of site workman:“Bad. Very bad.”
Reporter: Why do you say bad?
Voice of site workman:“I saw like someone’s brain was coming out.” 
Reporter: Were any of them able to talk or say anything after they fell.
Voice of site workman: Yeah about two of them.”
Reporter:  What were they saying?
Voice of site workman: “They weren’t saying but they got up and walked and took them to the hospital.”

Martinez-Jimenez is the father of Police Constable Hilberto Martinez attached to Precinct Two.  PC Martinez arrived at the scene after hearing the news of the freak accident.  By that time, however, his father was already taken to the hospital where he died.  Love News met up with Stuart’s brother, Ervin Jones, who says he was notified of the accident by one of the workmen.  Jones said that Stuart would have celebrated his 61st birthday on Tuesday.

Ervin Jones, Brother of Elrington Stuart:  “He brings vehicles, he’s a car dealer actually but they work with a company that does some kind of specialized roofing sometimes so it seems that that is what they were doing.”
Reporter: How long was he working on Civic?
Ervin Jones, Brother of Elrington Stuart: “They were just under a month they were in there. The only thing I know is some kind of accident that led to him and some other coworkers falling and so far two of them were pronounced dead. He was a cool humble guys, he was a family man; he lives here with me he has his common law, he has his son, his daughter he has an older daughter in the states.”

Love News has learnt that of the four men injured, two are stable and the others critical.
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