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2 months till Senate sends Report on Immigration Dept. Hustle

A year ago the Senate concluded an inquiry into the Auditor General’s Report on the Immigration Department from 2013. The inquiry revealed alleged hustling and corruption that occurred from 2011 to 2013. The Chairman of the committee that is overseeing the draft of the report, Senator Aldo Salazar told us that the draft report should be ready in about 8 weeks.

Aldo Salazar Senator: “I cannot give you an exact date as we have said earlier. The good news is that we are having some progress. We are having some information that was pending for quite some time. It has been pending to come to us and now we have it and we have been taking steps now to finalize the draft basically. I am hopeful that this part I can speak about in terms of myself looking at another six to eight weeks I think. That does not mean that the public will get it at that point but that is what I am thinking.”

Jose Sanchez: “There is also a possibility of a minority report, can you explain?”

Aldo Salazar Senator: Well yes the rules provide for a minority report and anybody who does not agree with the view of the majority can bear a minority report so that as we have discussed previously the composition of the select committee is we have the Chairman and we have the five Senators. The Chairman doesn’t have a vote unless there is a tie but there are five other senators which means there will hardly be a tie. It is impossible to have a tie with five people if everybody is present so that possibility is next to zero unless they are really absent for a prolonged period of time then I would have to use that casting vote so that means that there is going to be a majority of the five and the majority is three so for that majority who ever they are would have the majority report so to speak.”

Jose Sanchez: “And the decision to possibly prosecute anyone, would that decision would not come from the Senate itself?”

Aldo Salazar Senator: “No that decision doesn’t come from the Senate and we need to make that clear that the Senate has no power to prosecute anybody or I would say even to suggest that somebody be prosecuted or specify anybody who should be prosecuted. That is my personal view and other Senators may feel differently.  I am not saying that they do it is just that it is my personal view. The Senate select committee in the past has already submitted information to I believe the DPP’s office which we asked that if there is anything in there that can be prosecuted that they look and make that determination.”