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20-year-old shot and killed in Belize City

Belize City police are investigating the murder of 20 year old Malik Dixon. Dixon was shot on Saturday night as he was riding his bicycle on Flamboyant Street. According eye witnesses, before he took his last breath, Dixon saw his shooter.

 Hipolito Novelo reporting..

“At around 8:30 on Saturday night police responded to a 911 call that led them, first to Flamboyant Street in the Saint Martin de Pores Area and later to the KHMH emergency room. There they would find out that 20 year old Malik Dixon died as a result of being shot. Witnesses told Love News that when they heard about four shots being fired, they rushed out to see what had happened. They recounted that Dixon was on his bicycle riding on Flamboyant Street when a person rode up behind him and blasted the shots. Dixon did not fall to the ground immediately, he attempted to burst into speed and seek help but it was already too late. He slowly rode for a few more seconds, look back to see who his killer was and collapses. We were told that the gunman rode off in the opposite direction. Police say that this is gang related and the shooter is from the PIV Gang. Officer Commanding Eastern Division South Sr. Supt Chester Williams told the media that Dixon is affiliated to two gangs.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South

“Yes he is connected to with the Ghost Town group, he is also connected with the Backaland group so he is connected to two groups. Mr.Dixon was walking somewhere in that vicinity heading towards further down in the St. Martin’s DePores area around the complex building when he was met by a person who is affiliated with the PIV gang and that person fired multiple shots at him some of which caught him and resulted in his death.


“That sounds as though you have a suspect. Can you say?

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South

“Yes we have a person of interest we are looking for at this time but we are not going to release the name of that person but we expect that we should have that person in custody very soon.

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“Before being killed, Dixon spoke to his mother, Meloney Staine, over the phone for a few seconds.

Meloney Staine, Mother of Malik Dixon

‘ I called to check to see where he is and he told that me that he was riding going home and then I told him to make sure to text me when he got home and then the phone cut off. So it was a little while after when I was calling back and he didn’t text me so I called him but the phone went to voice mail but when I did call again a person from the emergency team answered and told me that he was there and they told me to come to the hospital. I didn’t know what was happening until I got to the hospital, that was when I got to know. From last week he was happy and he came yesterday in the same mood and he just said “Ma, what are you cooking.” I explained to him and he just said that he hadn’t eaten that in a long time and he sat down ate his food, he was watching some of his baby pictures and mentioned how cute he looked and all of that and from there he left.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News

The shooting murder of Malik Dixon happened a few yards away from the Mahogany Sub Precinct. Williams says that even he was in the area when it happened.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South

“I must say that as the shooting took place I myself was in the St. Martins area I was checking on the different police posts they have in the area and I heard the shots being fired and very quickly police were on the scene and cordoned off the scene but as with all other shooting incidents the suspects do not linger around they just pull their trigger and they disappear into thin air. So police did make effort to try and locate the suspect at that time, shortly after the shooting but to no avail. We continue to pursue him.