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2017/2018 Sugar Crop production looking to match previous crop

The 2017/2018 sugar crop is coming to a close. A date is yet to be announced but in the meantime, the factory continues production. At week 27, the factory has milled a little over 1.2 million tons of sugar, slightly above the sugar produced in the last crop for the same time period. McLachlan says so far, this performance for this crop is similar to last years.

Mac Mclachan VP International Relations ASR/ B.S.I.: The crop is pretty much on a par with last year, we’ve grown pretty much the same amount of Cane so far than the crop as we had last year. There have been a few delays from the milling side while we bring some of this equipment online you know we have to align it with the existing equipment and how we are working with that. We have had one or two inevitable delays, mainly this crop due to rain impact. Rain in the agriculture business are a double edge sword, it affects us with the mil because we get a lot more mud coming in and it is difficult to process but obviously it’s useful in the fields because it helps with the newly planted cane so in this business everything has a dual meaning but we essentially it’s been a crop I would say pretty similar to last year. I would say we are anticipating in the up roughly last year we made 142,000 tons of sugar and we have already made 139,000 tons of this crop. We have slightly higher milling rate than we had last year and we are looking forward to as a result of this investment project being able to push that rate significantly higher.