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2017 Hurricane Season Will Be Above Normal

In a few hours, the hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin will officially open with a prediction of an above normal season.  The Chief Meteorologist, Catherine Cumberbatch along with her deputy, Derrick Rudon hosted the media at a press brief today to speak about what can be expected.


“The forecast has been released for most of the different agencies and most of them are going for an above normal hurricane season, that activity will be a little bit more active than normal. The normal for any given season is for 12 named storms, 6 becoming hurricanes and 2 becoming major hurricanes that is from category three and above. This season as I said the agencies are going above normal and what they are projecting is 14 named storms and of these 14 names storms seven of them are projected to be hurricanes and three becoming major hurricanes so that is what the Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season is going for, slightly above normal activity in the basin. In April we had tropical storm Arlene that formed this is not unusual. If we look in our climatology it will show that storms did form in past years in the month of April and I think it was in 2016 when we had hurricane Alex that formed in the month of January so systems have known to form outside of the designated hurricane period, its nothing unusual.”

It is crucial to keep in mind that this prediction encompasses the entire Atlantic Basin and does not necessarily involve Belize as Rudon explained.


“There is no correlation between the number of storms that form in any given year and those making landfall in Belize. So you could have 25 storms and none hit Belize, you could have one storm and it comes here. People tend to prepare when we say there is for an above normal season, people tend to prepare more and if we say the season will be inactive people will prepare less but you shouldn’t get caught in that. People should be prepared every year as if a storm is coming to Belize because it only takes one for it to be a disaster for you. So high season or low season the thing is be prepared.”

The hurricane season runs until November 30.