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2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season not very active

This year’s hurricane season was off to an early start with Subtropical Storm Alberto forming outside the official season. We are now in the middle of the season and there is not any storm currently forming in this region.  However, Ronald Gordon, the Climatologist for the MET Service advises the public to be on the alert and keep monitoring the situation.

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorology Office: “It has been a very quiet season and we anticipated that to be the case because of the main factors that actually helps to generate the hurricanes is a warm ocean and we have noticed that the Atlantic in particular is actually colder than normal so it has been quiet. The major centers that predict hurricane formation have actually downgraded their forecasts for the season. The chances are less that you will have a hurricane impacting us however the chance is not zero. So it’s important to note that the probability is not zero, that means that there can be a hurricane coming our way and like we always say regardless of it’s an active season or not if there is one major hurricane that hits you it’s active for you. So even though the predictions are actually going down in terms of the amount one storm coming our way could be catastrophic for us.”

The hurricane season ends on November 30th.