21-Year-Old Camron Hemsley gunned down in Rural Belize

21-Year-Old Camron Hemsley gunned down in Rural Belize

A well-known troublemaker was killed last night in rural Belize. Police say just after midnight, 21-year-old Camron “Crimey” Hemsley was shot several times and left for dead. His body was discovered this morning, but who shot him and why are questions that remain unanswered. Reporter Vejea Alvarez was there and told us more.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Less than two weeks after being released from prison, 21-year-old Camron “Crimey” Hemsley was gunned down a stone’s throw away from the Ladyville police station. Just after midnight, Hemsley came under fire as he walked on Parakeet Street. He attempted to flee the volley of bullets but got only as far as Seagull Street where he collapsed in a yard. The homeowner says he heard about eight gunshots but it was not until this morning that he discovered Hemsley’s dead body. Kieth McNab, one of his friends, says he saw Hemsley only a few hours before he was killed. 

Keith McNab, Friend of Deceased: “Last night I left under the Chinese store and he followed mr to this house over here but I didn’t want the company so I skipped him and when we reached by the center I told him I’m going home just so he went home but unfortunately he didn’t want to go home he stayed out there with the crowd that was there drinking and hanging out as usual. And by the time I reached home I heard the gunshots and I said I’m not coming back out because when you reach home you already made up your mind to get home you don’t come back out for things like that. So that was it. When I came out this morning they told me it was him they shot. So I have no idea who shot him or anything like that.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Hemsley was no stranger to the law and spent several stints at the Belize Central Prison since he was sixteen years old. His alleged crimes included theft, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, escape from lawful custody, and even murder. 

Keith McNab, Friend of Deceased: “He is somebody who was always in trouble that is why we always try to haul him out of the things that he gets in because he’s somebody that is easily misled once he is by himself. We tried guiding him around this neighborhood so that he doesn’t get into any trouble and thing like that. As much as we could we tried to stop him from getting into the wrong things. Basically we would try to get work for him to keep him occupied but he is somebody that runs around and is all over the place.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Investigators are yet to ascertain a motive behind Hemsley’s murder, but there are many speculations that his attacker may have been someone he may have wronged.

Keith McNab, Friend of Deceased: “It’s kind of funny in Belize here how people kill people for material things , things that  could be replaced you know ? I would say people need to try to have more mercy than just to kill people for things like if you do something you take something from somebody’s yard these things are no grounds to kill people. Because if somebody steals something there are ways how you go around getting them to get back your stuff through the law you know ? I don’t believe in killing people for things like that. So to me it’s wrong you know ? They could have mercy on the youth.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Hemsley was identified at the crime scene by his mother, who declined comment but stated that while her son was no saint she tried her best to keep him on the straight and narrow. And her efforts were echoed by McNab who added that while many felt Hemsley was a menace, he was more of a troubled youth who rarely took any advice.

Keith McNab, Friend of Deceased: “It’s not like they abandoned him or anything his mother did try for the youth but like she has her job so they have to be apart and that’s where he took to the streets and did his own stuff. Out on the street right here like I said we just tried when we see them going the wrong way because a lot are grown here as older folks so we try to stop them from getting into these things but like I say we cannot force them to do what we want out here.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News.

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