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21-year-old killed in Orange Walk Town

A young man is dead after he was shot last night in Orange Walk Town. 21-year-old Albert Vargas Junior was targeted and shot several times sometime after seven o’clock while he sat in a vehicle near a food stand along the Belize Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town. He was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead not long after he arrived. Dalila Ical was in Orange Walk today to find out more about Vargas’ homicide.

Albert Vargas was pronounced dead at the Northern Regional Hospital shortly after eight o’clock on Tuesday night.

The twenty-one year old resident of Orange Walk Town was targeted earlier that night as he and a friend were inside a Ford Escape. They were parked in front of a food stand near Landy’s and Sons along the Belize Corozal Road.

His family and friends were too distraught and declined to comment. Love News understands, however, that the young man was called out of his house around 7:35. His friend picked him up in the Ford Escape and both left to an unknown destination. The family received the tragic news around eight o’clock.

What truly transpired after Vargas left his house is still unclear. But one man who was in the area at the time Vargas was shot spoke with Love News off camera.

Eye witness: What we saw last night happened very fast. A man came around and shot at the vehicle. He was in front of a business in the area and we couldn’t see who it was or anything like that. We just saw the gunshots. When everyone heard the gunshots we threw ourselves on the ground.”

Dalila Ical – You couldn’t see if he was Hispanic or of dark complexion?

Eye witness: “No. it was something fast and we couldn’t see if he was Hispanic or not. We couldn’t. It was fast. No one expected it.”

Dalila Ical – You didn’t recognize anyone?

Eye witness: “Not those in the vehicle or the person who fired the shots. Only when he ran. That’s all. We couldn’t see who it was. We just heard the gunshots, about seven of them more or less. We did see someone run out of the vehicle and he even left his slippers behind. When he saw the shooter left he returned to the vehicle and he drove off, the one who supposedly was the driver.”

Dalila Ical – You were all very scared at the time I imagine

Eye witness: Every, everyone. We had never seen something like this so close. We were very nervous. We were all frightened.”

We understand that Vargas, who was seated in the front passenger seat, sustained at least three gunshot wounds in his neck. His friend was not injured and we are told that he rushed Vargas to the Northern Regional Hospital and later personally went to the police station where he remains detained.

At the time Vargas was shot, a number of people were in the area and at the food stand, including children. Fortunately, no one else was injured.

Late this evening police issued an official report of the incident. According to the police, Albert Vargas Junior was seated in the front passenger seat of the Ford Escape. His friend and driver of the vehicle is identified as one Jose Medina. Police say Medina picked up a male passenger who was seated in the back seat of the vehicle immediately behind Vargas. It appears Vargas and that passenger got into an argument which escalated and gunshots rang out. Medina stopped at a nearby food stand when he heard the gunshots and exited the vehicle. When he returned to the vehicle he found Vargas leaning and bleeding. He then rushed him to the Northern regional Hospital where Vargas later died.