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22 Belizeans to be awarded at Tribute to Belizeans Patriots

Tribute to Belizean Patriots- National Honors and Awards Ceremony will be held tonight at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City. In total twenty two persons will be receiving honors and awards. Twenty persons will be receiving the Meritorious Service Award including twin brothers Sebastian and Fabian Cayetano. Two persons, Betty Flinchum and Henry Young Sr., will be receiving the Order of Distinction. Love News spoke to Cabinet Secretary and the Secretary of the National Honors and Awards Advisory Committee, Carlos Perdomo.

Carlos Perdomo – Secretary of the National Honors and Awards Advisory Committee

“It is a night where we recognize special Belizean men and women who not only have served Belize well through the work that they do but have served Belize extremely well in the things that they do outside of work serving the community in all sorts of different waves. Sometimes it is people that we recognize easily that is distinguished people in our community and many times, most of the time it’s people that we don’t hear about often so tonight is always a special night in our September Celebrations to recognize the common folk that help their society, their community and help Belize.”


“What would be some of the requirements for these Belizeans to be recognized during this ceremony?”

Carlos Perdomo – Secretary of the National Honors and Awards Advisory Committee “Well it has to be their social work that surrounds the ordinary work that they do. Some of them are still working, actively others are retired; some of them are younger, some of them are in their eighties the requirement is really ‘have you done some outstanding work that is recognized by your community,that is recognized by the organization you work for?’ ‘Is it a volunteer type of outreach?’ and that sort of thing.”

The ceremony commences at 7 o’clock and entrance is free. Tonight’s event will be carried live on Love FM and Love TV.