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22-year-old Nelson Espinosa arraigned for the murder of Adamir Choc

While the Young/Galindo family grieves their loss, the Choc family is one step closer to receiving justice for the murder of 19-year-old Adamir Choc. 22-year-old Nelson Espinosa has been arrested, charged, and was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court earlier today. No plea was taken from him, as the case is a matter for the Supreme Court. He was remanded to prison until December 18. Outside the court, we met up with Adamir’s mother, Elvira Choc, who told us that even though she is happy that justice is being served, nothing can truly take away the pain of losing her oldest daughter.
Elvira Choc, Mother of Deceased

Elvira Choc, Mother of Deceased: “I can’t say I’m happy but because in me they left me with my heart broken but at least for my country and my people at least we are going to get justice and I hope it continues to be a justice because it is not fair for us to see his face climbing up and after a few months and a few years he’s coming out like free that is not fair for us, it’s not fair for me, it’s not fair for my family. All I want is justice and that’s it. I can’t ask anything more because nothing can replace me my child back. Honestly deep in my heart I don’t know nothing about him. I haven’t seen him that’s why I wanted to come earlier to see his face because I wanted to ask him what my daughter did to him that he took my daughter’s life. If my daughter would have owed him something he should have come and told me and maybe like I said I could sell everything that I have and give him what he wants but not my daughter’s life because life you cannot bring it back; things you can sell you can buy and you can earn it back but life is just a life and it will not come back again. We only wanted to see his face but I’m trying to relax home because I didn’t know how I was going to control myself when I’m in front of him. I’m so happy that the police cooperated with me and what I said and they followed the footsteps and up to now I am happy and thankful to the good lord that he heard my prayers, he didn’t just leave me like that. It would be unfair for me to live my life not knowing who took my daughter’s life but atleast right now I have that and I hope he doesn’t come out free because there is nothing that can pay back my daughter’s life.”

Police have reportedly impounded a car and a motorcycle in relation to the case. After the arraignment, Attorney Hurl Hamilton was retained to represent Espinosa by the suspect’s father. Hamilton is now claiming that the police brutalized Espinosa during his client’s detention.
Hurl Hamilton, Attorney

Hurl Hamilton, Attorney: “Clearly he’s denying the allegations that they have against him but in addition denying the allegations I had an opportunity to see my client at the station and he has bruises on his hands and he has bruises on his back. He had indicated to me that the police had abused him, beat him, handcuffed him and I have seen the injuries and they actually did those things for him to give a statement to the police of which he did but it wasn’t by his own free will. The police threatened him, forced him, coerced him into giving that statement so that is not a true statement and that is not reflective of what my client, the instructions that I have gotten as to actually what occurred or what did not occur. We didn’t even have a discussion about any vehicle at all. It was a brief discussion so I presume that perhaps when I go to prison we will have further discussion on the matter but I believe what was paramount  was that he was in pain, he indicated what the police had done to him and that was basically the discussion. I can understand perhaps the public’s frustration and concern in the matter that someone has died but to cast judgment so quickly ,we are a court of law, we are law abiding citizenry and we operate under the rule of law so give the opportunity a chance.”

Even though an arrest has been made, the police are still very tight lipped about the case, but did reveal that there was a connection between the victim and the suspect. Additionally, the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, went on the record and admitted that at first, officers were mistreating the case, but that he has rectified the matter. However, although a vehicle has been impounded, the police still refuse to admit that any vehicle was involved in the murder. Several persons are still detained, though, and the investigation continues.