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ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

23 year old woman accused of trafficking 8 pounds of weed

A woman is awaiting charges for allegedly trafficking up to eight pounds of marijuana. Elvira Crawford was busted during a checkpoint between miles 37 and 38 on the Philip Goldson Highway shortly after midnight this morning. Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch Joseph Myvett gave more details.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “A vehicle was approaching the checkpoint but stopped some 200 ft from the checkpoint. A female later identified as Elvira Crawford exited the vehicle and was seen with a bag and as a result police approached the area where a search was conducted on the area revealed that the bag contained 3 parcels of suspected Cannabis along with some other Cannabis in another bag. As a result she was detained and taken to the station along with the driver of the vehicle. The drugs was weighed and amounted to 3654 grams for which she is currently detained pending charges at this time.”