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Ervin Wade stabbed his ex-common law, 25 year old Keisha Buller to death on July 10, 2015.  Buller’s grandmother and her child were both present at the home on George Street in Benque Viejo when Wade stabbed her about 54 times. She collapsed on the street outside the home and succumbed to her injuries. Wade was found guilty by Justice Antoinette Moore in July, 2018. On Monday, at the courtroom in Belmopan, Justice Moore sentenced him to life with the possibility of parole in 25 years. We spoke to Keisha Buller’s mother, Dorita Buller at her workplace, Nazarene High School in Belize City. She said that her workplace had provided her comfort since Keisha passed away.

Jose Sanchez: What does justice mean to you and do you feel that it has been served?”

Dorita Buller Mother of Kiesha Buller: “It feels good because he didn’t have to do what he did. He was really cold blooded and then I felt so good I cried when I got the news because he had been found of murder from June and I think seven months after and every time he would go to court he told lies on the stand that he wasn’t there. He said that he was at a gas station and that he went to look for some companion and he wasn’t there so my mom who was there pointed him out so this feels good. We had to go back to the scene, we took my mom back to Benque. It hurt so much and that is why this feels so good because in Belize you don’t really get this kind of news that they actually find this person convicted so this is great. From the person that did it, it hurts really because he was around us for a time. We fed him and everything, he didn’t have to do what he did and so Amari cries every night for his mom so…”

Jose Sanchez: “I have to ask you, you said that person, is it difficult to say his name?”

Dorita Buller Mother of Kiesha Buller: “I can’t say his name and whenever I spoke about him to anybody I refer to him as the person that used to be the father to that child and that is how I refer to him now.”

Jose Sanchez: “So he won’t have a part of his life?”

Dorita Buller Mother of Kiesha Buller: No I told my grandson that you don’t have a mom and you don’t have father so I am the person who is responsible for you and I want this person to know that Amari is his biggest loss because so far up until now he is doing great in school. He could have gone the other way you know but he is so sweet. He comes here everyday with me to Nazarene and he helps me along because you know you can’t raise a child by yourself. You need people to help you and right here is where I find my peace.”

Dorita Buller says that her coworkers prayed with her and they also help in raising her grandson. She has applied to adopt the child. A collage of people who were violently killed is placed in the lobby of the high school and Keisha’s image is on display, the main fact that sets her apart from the others is that her murderer has been convicted.