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260 Days to Belize’s Municipal Elections

The recruiting of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections is ongoing as we are less than nine months away from going to the polls.  There is, however, a deadline to submit applications of interest to either political party which is at the end of this month.  Today, the Belize City Council announced the submission of current Councilors who will be seeking re-election including Mayor Darrell Bradley, Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar, Dean Samuels, Bernard Pitts and Deon Leslie.


“We invite people who are interested all over the country for the, I think we have nine municipal bodies for them to put in their applications. Once those applications are in there is a vetting process that is a part of the way we operate in the UDP, there is a nominations committee that will look to all of these applications to make sure that those who have applied are suitable candidates and by suitable we mean they meet the criteria of us in the UDP who believe in putting forward righteous candidates. Once those candidates are accepted, the party will move to hold its conventions. We have set a deadline I think of November of this year to conclude all of those conventions although they can be before and so pretty soon you will see these conventions start happening and by November we will have all our candidates in place and we hope to be victorious in all of these municipalities. People are reminded that there is only one, Orange Walk, where we don’t have control of the council and even that we are going to gun for this time.”

Elections is slated for March 2018 in the nine municipalities.