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27 Applications to Run on PUP City Council Slate

27 aspiring politicians have submitted their applications to run on the PUP’s Belize City Council slate.  With only 11 seats available the party will have to go to a convention.  Love News understands that convention is set for next week.  Interestingly, Mayor Bernard Wagner was the only candidate for the Mayoral seat.  During our interview with him today he confirmed reports about the convention and stated that he has the utmost confidence in whichever candidates are chosen.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:  The process is on going. I believe very shortly that slate will be disclosed. I believe in the system of the party, the party has a very democratic system and there have been many aspiring councilor candidates and the party felt that it was better that we give that process the opportunity to produce the best candidates and the best councilor candidates so that we could drive this city forward given the fact that we now have a central government that is aligned with the Belize City Council great things could happen, great synergy could be built. I only see a greater future for Belize City, I see greater future for many of the other municipalities all across this country with a PUP central government in place. I was told that there will be some convention I think next week if I’m not mistaken it says next week so that process will happen. I have full confidence in ensuring that we have councilors who are committed to the city; who are committed to growing this city and our council has performed so well under the circumstances of being under a UDP government for our entire term. And so naturally you will have this push and this lot of energy coming now from young people and the people that I see putting themselves forward for the People’s United Party City Council slate has extremely talented group. I see talent in every one of them so I at the end of the day I know that anything that comes out of that group there will be a team that will take this city forward and which will engage and bring ideas to the table and consult with their constituents and consult with the residents of the city on how they want their city to be governed and they’ll bring it to the caucus and we will speak about it and we will push through thoughts agendas. So I am happy about the talent that the People’s United Party has been able to attract.”

The United Democratic Party has already announced their Belize City slate led by media personality Orson Picart.