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A 28 year old from Southern Belize is missing. Have you seen him?

A mother’s love is one of the deepest bonds any person can experience in life. It’s expected when children grow, that they would leave the fold but when problems arise, it’s the parent who they can return to. A mother from Silk Grass Village in Stann Creek District had travelled to Belize City to search for her son. Viola Jones came to love news because Mark had left home on the first of January and though she had reported him missing to the police she has not found him.

Viola Jones Mother of Missing man: “Mark Jones they call him Marky and he left home right after the New Years and one spell we heard that he is Cayo, he is in Corozal and all over so we  don’t really know how to move. The last time a person text me and said they saw him on the Boulevard so I came. It was about three days ago but I didn’t find him and I reported it to the Police and they said they would get back to me but they haven’t called or anything so I came today again. He has a mental problem and if he doesn’t drink his medication for a while it is like he is lost and so maybe he can’t come home back.

Jose Sanchez:” He has some mental issues so if anybody sees him and they would like to contact you to take him home is there a number you could call.”

Viola Jones Mother of Missing man: Yes if anyone sees him they can contact 605 -1237 anytime?

Dalilah Ical: ” “And just in case he is hearing your voice is there something you would like to say to him.

Viola Jones Mother of Missing Man: “I just want him to come home or at least make someone call me. I don’t know if he remembers my number but if he is at any of his family in Cayo because one spell I hear that he was in Cayo so if he is where his uncles if they can just give me a call to let me know that he is okay. Sometimes he acts normal you wouldn’t even think something is wrong with him until you speak to him and then you would conscious that something is wrong and he is easy going  but like I said if he is not getting his medication sometimes it is like he is aggressive you know so I really worry about him here in Belize because… well we are from here right but he move good while so when he is in Dangriga because I live in Silk Grass and I don’t really worry you know if he is there for a two days and then you come back but Belize I worry because some people wouldn’t know that he has a mental problem and they would want to hurt him.

Mark Jones is 28 years old. Remember if you see him, he may not be on his medication and may be aggressive. But report his whereabouts to the authorities, so his mother can take him home.