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2nd annual Belikin Dj Championship- Shyne Barrow’s Sustainable Development

The 2nd annual Belikin Dj Championship is part of Shyne Barrow’s sustainable development plan for the Belize Music Industry! This platform allows for recognition of the Dj and the invaluable contributions the Dj makes to the Music world.Equally important is the annual Dj Championship will allow for the discovery of Belize next great Djs! We will find the next Fada Stone, the next Dj Dalla and the next Dj Special! The Dj Championship gives upcoming Djs from every district throughout Belize to showcase his or her talents to the nation!
The over $7000 in district and finals prizes provides the Djs with incentives and resources needed to master their craft and be a world class Dj! The winner was DJ Base from Stann Creek.
1st place $3000 Dj Bass Stann Creek
2nd place $1500 Dj Iconic Cayo
3rd place $1000 Dj Magic Belize City