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3.4 million dollars in grant delivered to NGOs

3.4 million dollars were disbursed in grants to the conservation community. After a careful review and selection process, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) handed the funds to the grant recipients. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the stakeholders who received funds to continue enforcement efforts and community development.

Fem Cruz: “The Protected Areas Conservation Trust PACT held their second Grant Award Ceremony this afternoon at Kikiwitz Conference Room in Belmopan. Approximately $3.4 million was granted to several organizations involved in protected areas management in Belize. Shortly after the signing Love News spoke to the Chairman of PACT Board Percival Cho.

Percival Cho Chairman PACT Board: “Alright so these investments and the awardees that received them went through a process of review by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust to ensure that what was being proposed by the awardees met the criteria of the Trust in relation to the targets for conservation investments for the next three years so all of those awardees met those criteria. They focus on actions including enforcement, community development, etc. within the ecosystems that have been prioritized over the next three years so having met these requirements they were awarded the conservation investment agreements that we issued today including the finances that supported them. Some of the activities in these protected areas are very unique, some of them very creative compared to what we have funded in the past and so as you know we are facing a huge threat of climate change and so these proposals, each one of them addresses some aspect of building resilience within the areas that they manage so that is one unique difference between this set of investments and the past investments that we have made.”

Fem Cruz: “Love News spoke to two of the awardees who explained how this grant will be put to good use.”

Yaxche Conservation Trust Rep: “On behalf of the Ya’axche Conservation Trust I would like to thank PACT. This investment will really help with the management of the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and the buffer communities in the Toledo District that depends on the natural resources there.”

Stann Creek Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association Rep: “Stann Creek Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association wishes to express our gratitude and appreciation to PACT for this award today. This will go along way in developing our infrastructure and going towards our sustainable financial abilities and also enforce our management and effectiveness of the national park.

Fem Cruz: “This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.

Six awards were granted by PACT today.