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3 brothers shot in separate incidents, but one killed at a Party

After 7:30 on Saturday night, a Belize City resident was shot multiple times in a yard near the police substation on Fabers Road Extension. Love News spoke to the police and the grandmother of the slain man and it seems that he is the third brother to be targeted by gunmen.

Jose Sanchez: “On Saturday night 23 year old Giovanni Tabalda was at a party with his girlfriend on Fabers Road extension. He was killed while socializing with her family members.”

Asp Alejandro Cowo:Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed one Giovanni Tablada a 23 year old Belizean suffering from several apparent gunshot wounds to the body. He was pronounced dead on arrival. Initial investigation is that Giovanni Tablada was socializing along with other family members at #99 Faber’s Road extension when he was approached by someone who fired several shots at his direction causing the above mentioned fatal injuries to him.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Velda Tablada, Giovanni’s grandmother, spoke to Love News off camera and said he was coming home to the Penn Road Extension house when his girlfriend called him back and that is when he was fatally injured.”

Velda Tablada Grandmother: “I just went to a little function that they had on Fabers Road. A girlfriend that he had, she came back around and she invited him to some party. He went to the party and then he came home and then she called him back and that is when he got killed when she called him back right at the same yard.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Has anybody from that yard or the girlfriend reached out to any of you to try to explain what happened?”

Velda Tablada Grandmother: “Nobody. Nothing. They just clamped up, nobody wants to speak. The girlfriend said she was there and she just got off his lap when they did it and no one even wants to say what they saw.”

Jose Sanchez: “It is hard to put into words but what is your reaction to the girlfriend not willing to assist in the investigation?”

Velda Tablada Grandmother: “I think they all know, she knows too. I think it is one of their family member or so and that is my belief.

Jose Sanchez: “Some jealousy?”

Velda Tablada Grandmother: “Something went on and they don’t want to say, it is a family thing and they are all clamped up, they didn’t even want the girl to speak because she was going to talk at the hospital and then they just told her to shut up and keep out of it so I think it is something that has to do with the family.”

Jose Sanchez: “Tabalada’s brothers were shot at separate incidents at the Neal’s Penn Road home after the incident at the Pier One Bar at the BTL Park. His grandmother believed the incidents are not related but the Police is checking all possible motives.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “There are several things that we are following up. We have heard the theory of a female being involved. We are also hearing about the incident at Pier One and another incident so we are following the three incidents that has been rumored around.”

Velda Tablada Grandmother: “Damian is the first one that got shot because the youngest one Stephon went out. Stephon came and reported to the older brother Damian… he is not the oldest brother but the second oldest brother and because Damian came and spoke with them they came and they shot Damian. The person who shot Damian got locked down. The second shooting that went on for that thing was when they came and they shot Stephon who was standing on my step, the hole is right there in the door. They shot him on his leg as he got up off the step to come inside. The cycle was used again and Stephon swung around and saw them and that is when he was conscious that he got shot and I don’t think it is related. It is something far different. Giovanni is not a person who goes around and hangs out with… he plays basketball with a few but he is small in stature.

Jose Sanchez: “Is there anything you would want to say to the girlfriend or her family?”

Velda Tablada Grandmother:Just speak if you know if it was a family member or somebody that did it just come out clean that is all I want them to do. We won’t dirty our hands. I am not out for revenge I just want to know who killed my grandson.”

Jose Sanchez: “Though the family wants the truth the conviction rate for murder means there is likely less than 3% chance for justice. Jose Sanchez for Love News.

There were no police officers working at the police booth on Fabers Road Extension at the time of the incident. The police is looking for a particular suspect.