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3-Days Into the Fire with Belize and Puerto Rico

Over six dozen firemen from around the country concluded a 5-day training in collaboration with their counterparts from the Puerto Rico National Guard Fire Team.  This training was the second phase of the partnership between both agencies under the US Embassy Belmopan Mission Strategic and Resource Plan as well as the US Southern Command Theatre Security Cooperation Plan.  The first phase of the project was conducted on September 25, 2015 where over one million dollars’ worth of equipment was handed over to Belize’s National Fire Service from the US Southern Command.  Belize’s Fire Chief, Ted Smith spoke of the training.

US Ambassador Carlos Moreno was on hand today at the Ladyville Fire Station where simulation exercises were conducted displaying various areas of firefighting including search and rescue tactics, fire behaviour, vehicle rescue and personal protective equipment maintenance.

According to the National Fire Service, the training exercises will improve the fire department’s response to large scale fires and disaster as well as fire threats.