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3 get life for murder

On October 16, 2016 Emmeth Baptist, a 29-year old taxi driver picked up 24-year old, Marcos Garcia  and his girlfriend on Central American Boulevard and took them firstly to Vernon Street, thereafter another to Aloe Vera Street. Garcia along with girlfriend exited the vehicle leaving Baptist to believe he was going to come over to pay him for the service. Instead Garcia pulled out a gun and attempted to rob Baptist. Baptist complied by giving Garcia $35.00. He then tried to escape by reversing his vehicle from the area but due to the proximity to river, it didn’t go as planned. Garcia opened fire, shooting Baptist once to the left index finger and once to the back. Marcos Garcia was sentenced to 18 months but because he pleaded guilty earlier in the stage of his trial, this morning he was given a major deduction to serve only 11 months in prison effective January 31, 2019. Justice Colin Williams informed the accused that since he saved the court time and the virtual complainant from having to testify, he is taking into consideration, four factors: retribution, deterrence, prevention and rehabilitation. Other considerations are that prior to this offense in 2016, Garcia had no previous conviction for gun offense. Marcos Garcia was convicted of use of deadly means of harm.

Joseph Myers, a 33-year old man was murdered on the compound of Living Hope School on Maskall Street in Belize City in June, 2012.   The three accused are 36-year-old Andy Forbes, a resident of Neal’s Pen Road, 35-year-old Construction Worker, Robert Vasquez also of Neal Pen Road and 32-year-old Clinton Tyrone Fitzgibbon Harris of Raccoon Street Extension. The trio were convicted of murder on Friday, October 26, 2018  after DPP Crown Counsel Kileru Awich showed evidence in their trial which placed the trio at the murder scene when they opened fire and killed Myers.  The crown’s main witness was a childhood friend of the accused men. He told the court they were all drinking and socializing on Living Hope School compound and that he had just had one alcoholic beverage to drink, when he saw William Vasquez passing by in a taxi and that is when they decided to leave the house and go on the veranda when they were ambushed by Andy Forbes and Clinton Tyrone Harris who open fire at the group.  One of the shots hit Joseph Myers and he fell on the ground immediately and died on the spot. The trio were sentenced this morning to life, and given a 30 year prison term